August, September and October Income Report

Those of you who follow the journey’s of many poker bloggers who publicly share their monthly results will be familiar  with trend of posting delays whenever someone has a bad month or just isn’t happy with their results. I can tell you that I am no different from most other bloggers. For all the great benefits of being able to make money playing poker, there are definitely downsides. The biggest one in my opinion, is long stretches of not winning. They happen to everyone, and they suck. The last thing you want to do when it happens is to write up a big post to let everyone know about it.

August 2018 Results: 



Profit Accumulator:


August illustrates exactly why it can be very beneficial to have more than one income source.  It’s not a guarantee that an income source you have (especially if it’s poker) will keep generating you income. Unexpected things happen in life all the time, so it’s nice to have a back up source to help you through gloomy months.

It’s also very nice that I ran significantly above long term expectation on a lot of PA offers. The non risk-free offers  I did felt more like guaranteed profit at times, because I always completed them having more money in the account than I started with. Unfortunately, but not too surprisingly, the PA sun run couldn’t continue through September and October.


 September 2018 Results: 




Profit Accumulator:



September was a pretty cruel month for poker. I think it was the 16th where I saw I was up $4800 already,  and I was beginning to think I might be in for another 5-figure month.  Then from the 17th onward it was just a mess. Couldn’t win any big pots or get any heat going. Results and volume dwindled towards the end of the month and I just couldn’t wait for it to be over and done with.

Profit Accumulator results also weren’t great. It was the complete opposite of August. I kept losing money on most of the offers that were not guaranteed profit.  Still nice to know that even a bad month on Profit Accumulator made me over £300.


October 2018 Results: 




Profit Accumulator:

Poker was pretty shaky in October, there were lots of swings,  I was hard to find the motivation to put in the volume or study, my results weren’t great, but I did close the month out at peak profit!

Profit Accumulator results were a little bit lower than was hoping for as well. Just another case of not losing more than I was winning on the non risk-free offers. It’s still a nice bit of side income to coincide my poker earnings.


These past 3 months haven’t really given me the results I was hoping for, but I am happy and excited to be starting November with a clean slate. I’ve also only got two months left in the year and before my big move in January, so I have every reason make these months count. I hope you’re all ready to put in the work to close out the year strong, too.


Best wishes,


PG Craig




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