November 2018 Income Report

Throughout the whole of November my emotions got the better of me off the table, which caused my volume to be significantly less than other months this year.¬† It wasn’t a great feeling whenever I sat down to play I had the sudden surge of doubt and anxiety whenever I opened up the poker client to play.


It’s something¬† I had dealt with to a smaller extent throughout my poker career, but never had it been so gripping. I’m so glad that I received some great help from other poker players when I explained this to them. The biggest take away I got from it was to accept that sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself through anything. And that it is better to set much smaller short-term goals when you’re going through a rough emotional spell than when you’re at peak motivation.




Profit Accumulator Results:


Matched Betting didn’t go too brilliantly in November. I didn’t spend as much time trying to do a lot of the less simplistic offers. I didn’t hit any big wins on the +EV casino offers. I’m going to try and do as many 2up offers as I can as this will be my last month wielding Matched Betting/Profit Accumulator as an income source. So I was be trying to drain as much profit as I can from the bookmakers I still have an active account with.


I cannot complain at the bottom line results this month. It’s a shame that I couldn’t put in more volume as I feel I was playing well most sessions, and it could have been a much better month had I put the hours in.


Total profit for November 2018:




Best wishes,

PG Craig



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