Hello everyone, I have relocated from Scotland to Thailand! Just thought I’d get that out there in the first line of the first paragraph in the first blog post of this blog in 2019. 2018 has been and gone and so has the life I lived and the person I was. It’s only been two months, but I have grown up more in the in the past two months than I had done in the previous two years!

I actually started the first few moments of 2019 kissing an Australian girl in Berlin. We were staying at the same hostel, and we got lost walking around the city searching for a bar we could get a drink in while we waited for the countdown. We couldn’t find anywhere that was open and selling alcohol until we found a little Kiosk, and at 23:57 we both finally had a bottle of beer in hand. It was a huge relief as we were at the time unaware that everywhere was closed off for the Brandenburg Gate firework display, and we so we had been walking though streets of closed cafes, restaurants and bars for over 30 minutes! I had only met her a couple of hours before that and it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever see her again, but kissing her and then gazing up at the fireworks was a truly euphoric moment and I couldn’t have hoped for a nicer start to the year.

I got to Berlin on the 30th of December. I had a morning flight, and my father was kind enough to offer me a ride to the airport. It was however very unfortunate that he drove me to Edinburgh airport when my flight was taking off from Glasgow airport, but luckily for us we had left early enough to make the 50 mile journey in time for my flight. No spare time for a pre-flight pint though, unfortunately. Berlin was everything I hoped it would be and more. It had really nice cafes, the food was great (and noticeably cheaper than in Scottish cities) it has the best public transport system I’ve ever seen, and it definitely lives up to its name s the techno capital of the world! It was the last city I visited before I moved to Asia and I’m sure it’ll be one of the first cities I visit when I move back to Europe.

I moved to Thailand the day after I flew back from Berlin, the 13th of January. Almost two months later and I am now in an airbnb in Bangkok, writing this post the night before my first visa run to Vietnam. Poker has definitely taken a back seat so far this year, but I’m slowly but surely getting back into a routine of putting in the hours at the tables whilst I’m out here. It’s not the easiest thing to do when I’m also trying to write jokes and perform stand-up comedy, learn German and train for a half marathon. You may think I’m biting off more than I can chew with all of this, but moving to the city (albeit a city on a different continent) has allowed me live within walking distances of open mic nights, gyms and freelance German teachers, and I feel I must take advantage of this.

2019 has started off fast. Moved to Thailand, constantly meeting people and making new friends, running greater distances and more frequently than I ever have before and living a better and more fulfilling life than I ever thought was possible while I was back in Scotland. I’m extremely motivated to continue with all this progress, and reopening and publishing more content on this blog will hopefully ensure that I do just that.

PG Craig

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