Since starting high school I had always been self-conscious about my teeth. They didn’t look very clean and white, because I didn’t take enough care of them when I was a child. My diet and apathy towards brushing in my preteen years caused erosion and discolouring. I was always the guy who would keep their lips sealed for pictures, and I remember being a teenager and wishing that I was able to grow lots of thick facial hair, so that it would mask what was inside my mouth whenever I was speaking. 

As a young adult, despite starting to brush twice a day and consuming less coca-cola and candies, I knew that I had caused irreversible damage over the years and that I could never make my teeth look the way I wanted them to with routine cleaning and a better diet. I knew that cosmetic dentistry was my only option. 


A rare photo of me smiling before veneers. Canada 2015. 

In early 2018, I met with the team at Oak Tree Dental Centre in Kilsyth, Scotland for a consultation about my teeth. Within 30 minutes of conversing with their principle dentist, I left the building with a date booked to have my emax veneers made. 

I will say that having my teeth impressions taken from biting into a teeth tray filled with what I could best describe as “dentist playdough” was the most unpleasant part of the whole process. But that’s just what it was, not nauseating nor extremely irritating, just unpleasant. After the moulds of my top and bottom arches were taken, they were sent of to the lab to be made into emax veneers. 

Top arch fitted! 

Two weeks later, I came back and had 10 emax veneers fitted into my top arch. 10 is the most common amount per arch, but it is possible that you would require 12 or even only 8 teeth, it depends on how wide your smile is. The process of having them placed and cemented on top of my teeth was completely painless and took a lot less time than I was expecting.  I had to wait a month before I could get the 10 veneers cemented on to my bottom arch, but I wasn’t too bothered about that as I walked out of clinic completely over moon with how my new teeth looked! 

By the time the day came for me to get my veneers cemented onto bottom arch I already felt like a new person, it was like I had been given this second chance. I started putting in more effort not just towards my dental health, but to other aspects of my life as well. When I walked in to his room, before I even sat on the chair, the dentist told me that I looked like I’d lost weight and that my face was looking slimmer. From looking at my bathroom scales I knew that I’d lost 3kgs over the month, as a result of immediate dietary changes I made when I got my veneers on my top arch. 


All smiles before I performing comedy in Chiang Mai! 

The process of getting my veneers cemented onto my bottom arch was very similar to the process of getting them cemented onto the top arch. Quick, and completely pain free. I left the clinic with 20 veneers in my mouth, a check-up booked for 6 months in the future, and twice as happy as when I walked in. People suggested to me that I shouldn’t bother paying the extra money for the bottom arch as it’s way less visible when you smile, but I’m very happy I went with my gut and got them too. Not only does it keep my teeth looking the same colour on the top and bottom, but it reinforces the new “second chance” mentality that getting the veneers on my top arch gave me. 

Getting emax veneers is not cheap. Oak Tree Dental in Kilsyth charged  £250 per emax veneers when I got them. Due to high demand, they have since raised their price to £300 per veneer.  Spending £6000 on your teeth may seem crazy to a lot of you, I understand. But for those of us that fear opening our mouths in front of other people, new teeth can make us more willing to interact with strangers and increase our confidence in social situations. It has honestly had a life changing impact on me. If I hadn’t spend all that money to get my smile repaired, I’m not sure if I would be going to the gym regularly or even if I would’ve started doing stand-up comedy again. 

There is no other purchase I’ve ever made that has given me the boost that my veneers have. I’ve had them for well over a year now, and I’m still getting compliments about how good my teeth look from strangers and friends who don’t know they’re not my real teeth. I could not recommend emax veneers enough to anyone that can afford it. And for those of you who cannot afford it right now, please do not waste your money on special whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, or the bleach gel trays. I have personally used those products before I got my veneers, as I was also looking for a cheaper option and I was never happy with the results. My advice to you would be to save the money you would spend on those products and put it towards a deposit for porcelain veneers. Even though I paid my £5000 bill in a one time payment that is not expected and most dental clinics will allow you to spread the cost of your dental treatment and even offer 0% interest over 12 or 24 months. 

After my first dentist check-up in Asia! August 2019

Since getting my full smile makeover, my life has gotten better in so many different ways and the dent that paying for it made in my bank account is nothing compared to the dividends it has payed me back. 

Best Wishes, 

PG Craig

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