For the past few months I’ve been adding a significant chunk to my monthly bottom line by doing Matched Betting.  I simply spend 30-60 minutes every morning on it before I turn my attention to poker. It’s probably the best discovery I have made since I discovered online poker. To coincide the daily swings of online poker with the easy, stress-free money coming in from matched betting has been a blessing for me ever since I started investing my time and money into it.

What is Matched betting, you ask?

Matched betting is betting on any particular outcome with a “back bet” on a Bookmaker and then betting against that exact bet with a “lay bet” on a betting exchange. Most bookmakers require you to place a qualifying bet to unlock a free bet on offer.  So in order to guarantee a profit, you need to “back and lay” a specific outcome, for which you will make a very small “qualifying loss.” Once the bet has settled, you will receive the free bet and then simply repeat that process to ensure that you make money from the offer.  If you sign up to you will have access to video tutorials explaining this in greater detail as well as showing you how you can extract the maximum amount possible from each free bet you receive.  There’s also a friendly and extremely helpful forum where moderators and  other matched betters will happily help any queries you may have.

How to make £1000 a month!

“How to make £1000 a month!” is one of the most popular threads on the  forums. The moderators update it every morning with all of the risk-free offers up for grabs that day. I would strongly suggest pinning that thread to your bookmark bar and checking it everyday. It’s what I do and it’s a nice daily reminder about what an achievable monthly goal is.

They also have a very handy profit tracker for customers to use! Here’s a screenshot of mine.

It’s very  and easy to use, and so there’s absolutely no need to create a spreadsheet on any 3rd party software!

Other things to note:


The great thing about matched betting is that you can start with very little money. You could invest £50 and just keep withdrawing it to move onto the next offer, however it would be ideal to start with over £1000 as then you would be able to do many offers at the same time and therefor extract the money faster.


Although it is perfectly legal, bookmakers do not like matched betters and will restrict your account if they are confident you’re just extracting their promotions for guaranteed profit instead of using their website for recreational gambling.  They will notify you via email if your account has been restricted. And don’t worry, your funds in your account are still safe to withdraw once you can no longer take advantage of that bookmaker.


Because you’ll be signing up to dozens and dozens of online sportsbooks, I would strongly suggest creating a separate e-mail address just for matched betting. Those account validation e-mails  will really get in the way of more importing things in your life otherwise. I would still recommend checking your matched betting e-mail address daily as occasionally bookmakers send free bets and other offers to you in e-mail that PA won’t know about.

Here’s a screenshot from my PA account of my progress with matched betting so far:

August 2019 Update:

Although I no longer do any matched betting due to living in Asia, I would still strongly recommend anyone to give it a try! As long as you can stick to the proven method, treat it like an actual job and avoid any betting out of sentiment or “punting” then I see no reason why any UK resident shouldn’t get involved with this.

Here is a snapshot of my final bottom line before I packed it in to go to Asia.

I also never had any trouble with getting a quick and thorough answer whenever I had any questions.‘s forum is easy to use and all the admins and moderators were very helpful.  For £17.99/month or a £150/year I cannot recommend them enough to any UK resident over age of 18 looking to make some more money in their free time.

Sign up FOR FREE and make upto £45 with no credit card details required

Best wishes,

PG Craig

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